In June 2017, we were honoured to talk with Mr. Glen Canning who was the guest speaker at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre’s AGM. (Read more about the AGM and Glen Canning’s address on the CSHC blog.)

Glen is the father of Rehtaeh Anne Parsons, a Nova Scotia teenager who was sexually assaulted by four males at a home near Halifax in November 2011. Rehtaeh ended her life April 4th, 2013, following months of cyber-abuse and victim blaming. Glen has spoken about Rehtaeh’s case internationally and across Canada. Along with his daughter’s mother, Leah Parsons, he has helped bring about changes to the Criminal Code of Canada. For his work, Glen and Leah, along with Amanda Todd’s mother Carol, received the Rosalind Prober Award for Advocacy in 2013.

Glen shared his daughter’s story and the importance of teaching consent and bystander intervention. It was a powerful message for everyone in the audience, and it reinforced our commitment to educating our community about consent.

Following the event, we spent some time with Glen to create some short videos on the importance of educating youth about consent and bystander intervention. We have posted them below and on our “Share Our Videos” page, and we invite you to view and share them with your networks.