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Creating a Culture of Consent: Community Bystander Interventions

Workshop hosted by: Calgary Sexual Health Centre

In this workshop, participants will increase their knowledge and identify how media and society perpetuate harmful messages about consent, relationships and sexual violence. We will explore and discuss the bystander effect and some common barriers to intervention. Participants will also learn practical tools that will prepare them to recognise when and how they can be active bystanders.


Creating a Culture of Consent: Providing Safer Establishments

Workshop hosted by: Calgary Sexual Health Centre

This workshop is based on our work with employees and staff from the hospitality industry. Participants will explore policies and legal obligations that address sexual harassment, and will discuss tools to create safer spaces for patrons and clients. We will explore factors that may prevent people from intervening, strategies to address harassment, and highlight the roles of bystanders in the workplace.


Sexual Violence and Responding to Disclosures

Workshop hosted by: Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA)

This four-hour workshop encourages participants to engage in conversations about sexual violence within our communities. Participants will have a chance to increase their knowledge of sexual harassment and sexual assault by exploring definitions, laws, prevalence rates, common misconceptions, and facts about how and why sexual violence continues to occur. Participants will also develop their understanding of the ways in which sexual violence can impact an individual, as well as strengthen their ability to respond to a disclosure of sexual violence in a positive and supportive manner.


Creating a Culture of Consent: Let’s TALK About Sex – COMING SOON

Workshop hosted by: Calgary Sexual Health Centre

This workshop will focus on what consent realistically looks, sounds, and feels like in practice. We will explore the impact of gender norms, scripts, and stereotypes on practicing consent. Participants will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of consent, as well as tools to talk about and practice healthy communication in relationships.


Creating a Culture of Consent: Helping Guyz be Wise

Workshop hosted by: Calgary Sexual Health Centre

Participants of Helping Guyz Be Wise will be asked to reflect on the ways that various pressures of masculinity impact their own behaviours, attitudes, values, and relationships. Participants will also increase their awareness and ability to recognize violence, and understand the impact that it can have on a person’s lived experience. Lastly, participants will be given the opportunity to develop and practice tools that will allow them to engage in further conversations about masculinity and healthy relationships with people in their lives.